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Each player writes down one line of a story and folds the paper over before passing it around the table to the next player.

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Once all five stages are complete, the players open out the papers and read out the results. This can be great for sparking ideas, or as a way to encourage reluctant writers to have a go. The second player guesses a word; the first player tells them how many letters match in the right position bulls and how many letters are correct but in the wrong position cows.

These are all games you can buy from Amazon or quite probably your local toyshop. Some squares provide extra points. Letters have different points values depending on how common they are. The end result of scrabble looks like a crossword: a number of words overlapping with one another. If you want to develop your vocabulary particularly of obscure two-letter words… then Scrabble is a great game to play. This is less well known than Scrabble, but it was one I enjoyed as a child.

You then make as many words as you can from the resulting face-up letters. Again, this is a good one for developing vocabulary — and it can be played by children as well as by adults.

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You need to write down the words you come up with, which can also be good for developing handwriting. Before you can pass the bomb on during your turn, you need to come up with a word that contains the letters on the card. There are lots of different versions of these available, and they all work in a similar way.

  • Rate your memory baseline.
  • Notable St. Louisans in 1900; a portrait gallery of men whose energy and ability have contributed largely towards making St. Louis the commercial and financial metropolis of the West.
  • Advances in Phase Space Analysis of Partial Differential Equations: In Honor of Ferruccio Colombinis 60th Birthday: 78 (Progress in Nonlinear Differential Equations and Their Applications).

The open-ended game has a set of cubes that you roll to create ideas for a story that you can tell along with the other players. Apples to Apples has red cards with the name of a person, place, thing, etc and green cards with two different descriptions : the player with a green card selects one of the descriptions, and others have to choose a card from their hand of red cards.

The judge for that game decides which red card best matches the description. Dabble is a family-friendly game where you compete with other players to be the first to create five words of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 letters using your 20 tiles. Upwords is like 3D Scrabble: you can stack tiles on top of other tiles to create new words. While small children might find it a bit too challenging or frustrating, due to the short time limit, this could be a great game for older children looking to extend their vocabulary.

All the categories are suitable for kids. You can easily play it with a large group there are tokens for up to 8 players, but you could add more without affecting the gameplay. These are some great ones that you might like to try. This is a kid-friendly RPG aimed at parents who want to create a story with their child ren.

The rulebook contains lots of ideas and sample settings, with suggested characters and skills … but you can come up with pretty much any scenario you like. Over the past decade or so, LARP has become a bit more mainstream than it once was. Some are suitable for children, but do ask event organisers about this. They also involve a lot of writing — so they can be useful for things like vocabulary and spelling. Some are suitable for children, but as with anything online, do ensure your children know how to be safe e.

These can be quite involved and complex, and they can be a great way to learn the skills of telling a long, detailed story e. You can easily make notes on a phone, whether by tapping them in or by recording them. If you find yourself with a bit of time on your hands, why not try one of these writing-related games? Note: all of these are free to download, but most allow in-app purchases, and you may find you need to make a purchase to get the most out of them.

This game is a bit like a deconstructed crossword: you get bits of the puzzle and you drag them together to form words that will all match with the clue. Spellspire is a fantasy-style game where you select letters from a grid to create words: the longer the word, the bigger the blast from your magic wand!

You can kill monsters, buy better equipment, and make your way to the top of the Spellspire. You can also choose to play it against your Facebook friends, adding a competitive element. This is a relatively simple game that lets you create words from letters arranged on different dials. Again, if you want to develop your spelling and vocabulary, this is a straightforward game that you can use to do so.

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You can buy extra puzzle packs at a fairly reasonable price, if you find that you want to play it a lot. This crossword app uses pictures rather than written clues, which is a fun twist. You can use coins to get hints you can earn these through the game, or purchase them with real money. If you enjoy doing crosswords but want something a bit different, give this one a try. The first Englishman to be killed in a plane crash had another claim to fame, what was it?

Rolls also made the first non-stop return flight across the English Channel in shortly before his fatal plane crash in July of that year. What's special about the words 'reverberated' and 'stewardesses' in relation to typing? They are the longest words that can be typed with the left hand left side of the keyboard on a UK qwerty keyboard. I am grateful to David Montgomery for pointing out that Lollipop is not the only 9 letter word that can be typed with the right hand, assuming the right hand types the letter Y, which mostly is the case. Other 9 letter right-hand words include Monopoly, Polyonomy and Polyphony, and no doubt there are others.

If anyone can suggest a reasonably useable ten letter word which can be typed with the right hand please let me know. Name a fifteen letter word containing fifteen different letters. Uncopyrightable, or more unusually thanks R Andaya , Dermatoglyphics the study of skin ridges on fingers and hands, ie. Complete the sequence five more required : deca, hecto, kilo, They are the metric prefixes: deca, hecto, kilo, mega, giga, tera, peta, exa, respectively ten to the power of 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and The minus scale is deci, centi, milli, micro, nano, pico, femto, atto.

What do these pairings have in common and what is the odd pair in the sequence? They're all two letter words: AA is the odd one because it's not a living thing it's a rough light basaltic volcanic lava, pronounced ah-ah, from the original Hawaiian word 'a-'a. An ai is a sloth, an io is a moth, an ou is a bird, an ox is a cow or bull, a bo is a fig tree, and a ki is a plant of the lily family.

Collection of RAT items | What word relates to all three? | Remote Associates Test of Creativity

What is it? A coffin. What is assessed by the international grading system known as the Four C's, and what does each of the C's represent? Spoken aloud they all make words: essay, decay, excellency, envy, enemy, effendi effendi is a man of education or standing in the Arab world , and expediency, which is the longest word that can be represented in this way.

To ensure a fair division between two people for dividing chocolate bars between children for instance you might use the 'one cuts, the other chooses' method. How do you ensure a fair division between three people? Who were 'Too Much' and Norville Rogers? There are lots of countries and continents that begin with the letter 'A'. Two of them differ from the rest; which two and why? Afghanistan and Azerbaijan - all the others end with 'A'. Here's the full list, amazingly: Angola, Algeria, Armenia, Albania, Andorra, Austria, Antigua, Australia, Argentina, Aruba Aruba is a small island sq km off the the coast of Venezuela, discovered and claimed for Spain in , acquired by the Dutch in , and becoming an autonomous member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Who has appeared more often than any other woman on the cover of Time magazine?

The Virgin Mary. What do these pairs have in common? Their dates of birth, ie, each pair was born on the same day. What oversized onomatopoeically-named mechanism was put on display for people to use at the British Empire Wembley Exhibition in , in order to reassure the public as to its safety and reliability?

The zip fastener. What made them special?

Word search puzzles #3 I Animals I Train your mind

What is unusual and probably unique about British postage stamps? They don't have the nation's name on them. A man is walking home with his dog at a steady 4mph. With 6 miles to go the dog is let off the leash and runs all the way home at 6 mph. The dog immediately turns and runs back to the man at the same speed, and upon meeting him it turns and runs home again. It continues to run back and forth at the same speed until the man reaches home.

11 Unforgettable Games to Improve Your Memory

What distance has the dog run since being let off the leash? What word in the English language has six vowels, and every one is 'A'? Taramasalata - it's in the English dictionary - it's a Greek food dip made of cod roe. Each of these people is related not by marriage to one other in the list. How many relationships can you identify? What year when written in Roman numerals uniquely contains one each of the Roman number symbols in descending order?