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Intersection of Life and Faith
  1. Christianity's devil
  2. Evil, victory over
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  4. If God is all powerful, why doesn't He just destroy Satan?

This becomes obvious when we consider that Satan inhabited the body of an ordinary serpent and brought death into the pristine garden. In Revelation 21, John takes care to assure us that this will not happen in the greater garden to come. It will be utterly secure. God did his work of creation, and then he rested.

In his rest, God was setting before Adam something to look forward to when he accomplished his work of subduing the earth, exercising dominion over it, and filling it with image bearers. Had Adam faithfully finished the work, he and Eve and their offspring would have entered into a permanent Sabbath rest. Had they obeyed, they would have been transformed from one degree of glory to another. Even now, as the Holy Spirit works in us, we are being changed from one degree of glory to another.

But it is the fullest resurrection glory we anticipate the most. When we read in Genesis 2 that Adam and Eve were naked in Eden, it may initially seem to us to be a good or neutral thing.

These were royal representatives of the great king. The report of their nakedness indicated a need for royal clothing which would have been given to them had they faithfully exercised dominion. But instead of being further clothed, Adam and Eve lost the original glory that covered them.

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This is what made their nakedness before God so unbearable that they sought to cover themselves up with fig leaves. The love story in Eden began with Adam and Eve enjoying bone-of-my-bones, flesh-of-my-flesh intimacy.

Christianity's devil

But the same two people who were naked and unashamed are, only a few verses later, trying to cover up their shame. This partnership that was intended to bless the world brought a curse upon the world. Ever since this first marriage went so terribly wrong, God has been working out his plan to present a perfected bride to the perfect groom. The day will come when the shadow of temporary human marriage will give way to the substance—the eternal, unbreakable, most intimate marriage between Christ and his bride.

This will be the happiest marriage of all time.

Evil, victory over

This was judgment day, which for Adam and Eve meant that it was also eviction day. No longer could they live in the holy sanctuary of Eden in the presence of a holy God, because they had become unholy people. Instead, God began working out his plan to make it possible for sinners to be made clean and holy in order to live in his presence. When we read about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil Gen. Rather, it was evil because it was forbidden.

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  • God had put this tree in the garden to give Adam and Eve the opportunity to live out genuine faith and obedience. Adam should have crushed the head of the evil serpent then and there.

    Evil - Wikipedia

    He should have squashed this rebellion rather than taking part in it. Many took pains to remind Roof that he had ultimately failed in his mission to spread hatred and sow division across Charleston and the nation. At first, everyone walked around on eggshells, but eventually, she said, the incident brought them closer. Instead of starting a race war, you started a love war.

    What Satan may have meant for evil, God has meant for good. Some family members expressed satisfaction with the death penalty, saying it was a fitting outcome after jurors found Roof guilty of all 33 charges against him, including multiple counts of committing a hate crime against black victims, obstructing the exercise of religion and using a firearm to commit murder.

    As you wait for your death, I hope your conscience eats you alive.

    If God is all powerful, why doesn't He just destroy Satan?

    Roof stood impassively, twisting his mouth and rubbing his forefingers and thumbs together as Gergel quoted the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Majority of police in the U.

    Todd Galberth - For My Good (audio)

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